Rocks'n'Diamonds 4.1

Rocks'n'Diamonds is an entertaining arcade-style game. Also free

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a simple, small, and entertaining arcade-action game that can be best described as a combination and remake of classic arcade games such as Boulder Dash, Sokoban and Supaplex (a version of Boulder Dash itself). It keeps the simple yet captivating gameplay, but also the obsolete, Amiga-like graphics. For nostalgic people and old players like me, Rocks'n'Diamonds is great, as it resembles the whole Supaplex-playing experience very closely. The main idea of the gameplay is to control a character through mazes, while collecting diamonds digging through dirt, and avoiding falling rocks.

Rocks'n'Diamonds comes with plenty of cool additional features, such as support for local multiplayer games of up to 4 players or the possibility to fully customize the keyboard and joystick controls.

Another impressive thing about this neat little game is the fact that it supports a huge number of levels, so you can play this game a lot without getting bored. It even contains levels that let you play the classics: Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Sokoban.

Last but not least, there’s even a level editor included, which makes this game a really feature-rich one. Since it’s also free, this nice little arcade looks like a great choice for a pastime activity. In my opinion, Rocks'n'Diamonds is awesome for anyone, but especially for nostalgic players or for people wanting to experience the feeling of an arcade classic.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Includes a level editor
  • Customizable controls


  • Maintains the "classic" look (the Amiga-like graphics) which some people might find outdated and unattractive
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